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Meet the CBO

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Gary, founder and CBO (Chief Bartending Officer) of The Ant Bar. My passion for bartending, entertaining, and creating cocktails started over 30 years ago. I bartended at some of the top hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants in NY, CT, and NJ, including one of Manhattan’s most iconic restaurants, Tribeca Grill.

Since 2000, I’ve been on the other side of the bar, selling premium wines and spirits to some of the trendiest New York City restaurants and hot spots. I traveled to Europe, South America, and Mexico and got to see first-hand the methods of making the world's best wines, champagnes, and spirits.

I created The Ant Bar as a virtual way to connect, entertain, and educate people about making cocktails. My channel, “Live from The Ant Bar” allows me to demo cocktails in a fun and casual way. I truly believe anyone can create great drinks at home!

I’ve never stopped loving the energy and fun that comes from being behind the bar, making my customers happy through drinks they love. I still bartend at parties and have also created my own grab-and-go portable cocktails! 


Hope to meet you soon, and cheers!

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